10 Things you should know about FUKK

  • FUKK is an independent and self-organized art school
  • Each FUKK member acts simultaneously as student, teacher, organizer and administrator of the school
  • FUKK members take their artistic education into their own hands
  • FUKK is not a qualification, certification, or a currency. FUKK is experience
  • FUKK is a learning experiment that is continually refined by its members
  • FUKK believes that learning takes place through the process of determining for ourselves what works and what doesn’t in both practical and creative terms
  • FUKK’s working processes are not characterized by any particular method, but by the experimentation with method
  • FUKK’s focus and priorities are determined through regular and vigorous group discussions on the collective and the creative
  • FUKK is both an investigation of art and an investigation through art – it utilizes the collective to examine the creative process, and the creative process to examine the collective
  • FUKK members are both independent and united

FUKK (Forenede Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstnere – or United Independent Copenhagen Artists) is a self-organised art school, which was formed in 2011 from a desire to create an independent alternative to established art institutions and academies. FUKK approaches the word “school” as an open question that can spur reflection on the processes of learning and education. It is an experiment in constant development and is entirely member-driven; members learn from each other, particularly in preparation for shared yearly exhibitions, where the group collectively experiments in the production of individual pieces, installations, and the curation of the exhibition itself. FUKK is driven by a creative and process-oriented way of thinking, where the member initiative is crucial to developing ideas and projects and providing the means to realize them. Challenges and decisions (both procedural and artistic) are raised and discussed in internal and external forums as part of the process. FUKK is an environment in which members are driven by resource and skill sharing across mediums as well as the generation of divergent and critical reflections about how art can be created using collaborative processes. At its heart, it is a forum for experimentation in collective learning and creation that aims to combine the passions, energies, and skills of individual artists into a greater whole.