FUKK 7 år

It’s not always easy being an underground self-organised art collective/open workshop/exhibiting group – and yet somehow FUKK has done exactly that for the past 7 years! As the world seems to devolve around us — come celebrate all the good things: UndergroundArt/Creativity/Building with Blocks/BeingGroovyinYourPants/WarmDrinks/Sauna/GR8MOOSIK&DNCING

FUKK invites you for our 7 years birthday party! We’ll start in the afternoon and go until the last blocks drop!

– Workshops
– Multimedia show
– Giant jenga – stop dance
– Food
– Installations
– DJ’s
– Hot drinks!
– Sauna
– Birthday cake
– Balloon dance
– Birthday games
– Lunken punch
– Fri leg