ReFrame (Foeg 2019)

ReFrame was performed at Festival of Endless Gratitude 2019. The project is centred around a game that turns the process of animation into a participatory, collaborative and open process. We wanted to create a space where festival goers can respond to the music at the same time as contributing to the making of a piece of art, learning about the process of animation by taking part. The piece crosses the boundaries of sculpture and installation, audience and performer, process and presen­tation and public and private.


Participants are presented with an abstract image on a card. They then draw a card with another image on it – Then then roll 2 dice – the numbers on the dice dictate how many frames the participant has to transform the shape from one to the other. All the images are drawn in sand on a light box and participants can either use their hands or a selection of tools. A camera placed, above the light box records each of their frames, and feeds it straight into the video loop playing on the opposite wall, playing it back at 12 frames a second. When the participants are done, they sit and wait to see their contribu­tion appear as part of the full video loop. The video loop acts as a visual display for the concerts, both for people in the crowd and those inside. Different music, or times of day may incur different results.