DOSO (Tårnby Park Performance Festival – 2021)

Tårnby Park Performance Festival May 2021:

DOSO (Department Of Spatial Orientation) has invented an experimental radio broadcasting machine. We are yet to comprehend the full capabilities of this machine. Therefore we shall be holding experimental performative workshops to test its potential. From what we understand so far it collects elements from its surroundings and then takes these selected elements to, abstract and distribute them into new orders and rhythms. This process defies normal rules of nature and logic and can create some strange shapeshifting results.

At Tårnby Park Performance Festival, we constructed a mobile radio and tv broadcasting tower that engaged participants in the playful creation of radio and television. Through participation in the collective effort of producing and broadcasting, we aim at encouraging residents to occupy, interact, and awaken the public spaces of Tårnby.