FUKK gets equal

The 14th of July 2016 FUKK hosted the event “FUKK GETS EQUAL”, an event focused on creating an open space for discussing feminist topics.

Feminism and gender topics are often discussed in academia through classes, conferences and seminars where both the formal language used and the entrance fees for attendance make the dialogues inaccessible to most. The topics discussed often concern women from developing countries as objects and not subjects actively taking part in the discussions. With this in mind, we propose a free, informal and safe space in which the voice of various feminists can be heard, in an open debate where all, women and men, will have a chance to share their opinions and ideas. 


Luiza Scalco has a bachelor on International Relations and a Master’s degree in Development Studies with specialisation in Latin American Studies. She has focused mainly on Latin American feminism and gender effects of economic policies, as well as on the use of gender indexes as comparative tools. Elena and Luiza have together published an analysis of the Saudi Arabian movie “Wadja” in a book about Cinema and Human Rights and are currently working on an article about the Tim Burton movie ‘Big Eyes”.

Elena Schuck is an actress and has a bachelor’s degree on International Affairs at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (UFRGS). She has a master’s degree on Political Sciences (UFRGS) and she is on her last year as a Doctorat candidate at the Political Science Department of UFRGS concluding a research internship at Sciences Po Paris, in France, as part of her reseach project on the exchange of influences of feminist ideas between Brazil and France. Her areas of interest concentrate on feminist political theories, multiculturalist and post-colonial feminist thought, immigration policies, race and gender equality, women’s citizenship and politcial participation, fighting violence against girls and women, as well as feminist art history

Sarah Hansens academic background includes 4 years of art history; and she is currently taking her masters in art history, as well as a 1.5 year elective in gender studies. Sarah Hansen will talk about feminism and art: her presentation will center around feminist readings of selected artwork. [Among other things,] she will focus on subject/object positions in art and the impact such an analysis has on the understanding of the work, the viewer and the artists’ relationships with one another. Examples will be taken from the 19th and 20th centuries.